The birth: development and realization of an high quality brass carabiner at MMC.
July 05, 2023

The birth: development and realization of an high quality brass carabiner at MMC.

At the beginning of every new project like an architect starts with a blanck sheet or a sculptor starts with the marble block we start from raw material as well.

Bars of solid brass, easy to work and malleable highest quality alloy for hardware selected for a long life resistance and durability over the years. 


The artisan process begins wnen the bars are subjected at the CNC machine manufacturing and refined one by one by our skillfull workers.

Every piece that will composed the hardware is checked and measured almost at every stage of the entire process as you will see...

                           perfectly fix each other component and satisfy the highest quality standard of our custumers. The design is intended to hide the hinge points of the hook obtaining a completely clear surface.


After the first approval, every little part of the new hardware can pass through a surface finishing machining, called tumbling process, where the components stay several hours inside a rotating drum together with specific smoothing stones.


Getting a perfectly clean and homogeneous surface.


Later all hardware parts will be ready for the polishing phase where we obtain a shiny crust without any possible defect or scuff mark.


Lastly every piece moves to the galvanisation unit where the requested finish is transfered on the surface after all the previous processing.

For this particular item we adopt a careful procedure where every piece is secured on a thread and fixed on a specific framework. This method, definitely more complex, guarantees the best galvanic outcome with an uncomparable quality of the layer.


The last step reach the mounting departement, where every pieces is assembled one by one by expert hands into the final hardware.


The snap hook finally shaped and tested will be sent to the packaging department for a last quality and functionality check.


At this time the new toy is ready to prepared and shipped all around the world where will be part of a new fashion leather masterpiece.


This particular model has been thought in three different measures: 15, 20 and 25 millimeters, the pottom part could be easily implement in greater sizes from 30mm on request.


All that remains is touch by hand our crations and personally discover the quality and passion transmitted to all our catalogue models with the same making experience in MMC.